360 degrees. 2015. london


The forth year working with the same 3 East London School and again with year 5 has cemented the 3 week project firmly in the curriculum schedule, becoming an important development phase in the creativity and Arts development for these children. Again a theme was developed to intergrate into the curriculum studies of the year, of which the 'UN Covention of the Rights of a Child' was adopted.


It is a large and multi-faceted subject. One which relates to each child as an individual. But I felt it was important that each child to understood that these rights which each are entitled to, must understand they must also not be at the expense of others and their rights. I wanted this project to consider the theme in the round, to see it from every angle, 360 degrees.





Particular articles from the convention were selected by each child and then a visual language was sort to express the fundimentals of these same rights, seen from more than one 'angle' and photographed in 360 degrees. The final installation utilised the approach by incorporating series of images into hand driven 'flick film viewers'. 


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