Photographic Installation. 2009

16 Fine Art Inkjet Prints 45cm x 30cm, Glass, wood, electric lightbulbs

'Void' was commissioned as part of an invitation to explore the possiblity of creating a collective response with the artists Jaimini Patel and Peter Newman to the Sherbourne Holt Gallery location and associated town and school grounds.


An initial meeting and exploration of the space and with their particular associations over a couple of days was followed by individual approaches with further communications. The three artist met again with the installation of the work, attempting to weave the individual responses into a collective identity under the title of 'New context specific collaboration'


'Void' is a project which focuses on the 'missing', creating positive space from a negative. Images were created with simple cameras held in a vest pointing both forwards and backwards at the same corresponding moment during the initial visit. The resulting prints then acted as a visual connection in the performance of discribing aloud the spaces I'd seen in Sherbourne, on the streets of Berlin. This action photographiclly recorded, the 'front/ back' images were then photographed through the back of the print. 


The perspective of perceiving the work from the position of the void between both camera views, geographic location of study and an imagined link was further enforced in the installations instigation.


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