contained infinity

2012. ongoing


'contained infinity' depicts containers, boxes, call them what you will, located within urban and rural landscapes. Man is seen only through the traces of his/her actions and not in the frame itself. Instead we are left only with a box, a form which we understand and see but which the form itself hides from us it's contents. It was this contradiction that I found interesting, the infinite possibilities contained within a structure we can see and understand, sitting within our everyday existence.


The physical properties of the prints themselves were again important to the process of creating a visual language which would endorse this sense of contradition and mystery. The prints themselves were used as a sculptural material, used to construct a cube/box in which a solution, related to the photographs motive, is poured within. These 'photographic print boxes' then sat containing their individual solutions for a period of time. The solution was eventually emptied and the prints unfolded and framed.



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