peripheral landscapes in wasted time

2013, ongoing >

If I believe I'm instrumental in what and how I see things then any visual material is the combination of what the eye sees and the mind creates. This relationship is constantly altering with every new stimulus and could be discribed as a process of montage rather than morphing. Although a constant process, there are certain stimuli – views which allow us to be, to a greater extent, conscious of the existing layers.


'Peripheral landscapes in wasted time' are perphaps such moments, their duration as infinite as diverse their themes, but each a moment when the balance between what stands before the eyes and created behind them is shifted conspicuously towards the self.


The images for the series are created on a single sheet of film, with the motive being photographed a number of times over a varying periods. The presence of exterior influences are introduced through the prevailing grid, itself altering with the influences at play. The final composition or collective moment is created in camera and is more consequential than orchestrated.


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