the promise

2012. edition of 5 (plus AP)

Series of 7 fine art inkjet prints 60cm x 90cm. Installation/ performance-action

Limited edition catalogue (50 copies)


'I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of...' is written on each British bank note. They are an IOU, a bartering tool in the exchange of goods between two parties. It's funny we so covert these IOU's, we wish for the symbol, icon of value not the substance of value itself.


How important is it to have the original? The process of merchandising creates new originals out of copies, copies which seem to often overshadow and dominate their origins.


In the project 'the promise' the original work (seven 5 Pound notes drawn on with grapite) are given away for free in exchange for the rights to produce reproductions of the work (photographic prints). On the signing of this contract, the 'reproduction' of the work is installed in the space for public viewing. One is left to ask, which is of more interest or value, the copy or the original?



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