nest of needs. 2016


The 2016 East London Schools project was to be based again loosely around themes of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Only this time I wanted to narrow the reference down with it being such a large subject. I decided to use the theme of 'home', what it's importance is, what it is, how and in which way it influences our understanding of the term- to be at home. 'Home' as a concept appears in many of the UN articles within the convention and with such a wide demographic within the class room the possible view points on the subject is diverse. 


The symbols, language, meaning and personality of home for each individual was expressed through portraits, abstract images and the personal representation through objects and stories. 


The final resulting work was incorporated into a 4 piece installation, exhibited at the Ravon Row Gallery, London.



Again the project ran for a 3 week period, with the final installation happening a month later. During the period of the project, evening workshopd were made available to pupils and parents alike, in 'darkroom' techniques and analog printing.


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