metered square

phase 1.  2013 ongoing.


An exploration of 'living units' and the equation between spacial needs, protection and comfort. 

The utility and versitility of the 'caravan' and the needs it is set to satisfy provide a means to examine the perspectives, wishes and needs of Europeans in the 21st century.


The average living space for a European is gradually decreasing and within the British Isles on average, new homes fall short of the recommended minimum for a single person by 4sqm. The problem is not going to go away and our inherited ideals of life style and needs seem more and more utopian. The humble 2 berth caravan offers around 4sqm of space per person, location of choice and a sense of freedom. 'metered square' asks what do we want with our wishes and where do we go with our needs.


The project is presently in phase 1. The images are realised as prints which will be physically incorporated into the proceeding processes.


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