library of memory. 2014. london


2014 being the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the so called 'Great War' this years project with East London year 5 pupils was to explore issues and ideas related to the beginning of World War 1.


The project was to for the first time involve a third School and importantly create a 'mid-project' exhibition to be presented on the 11th November. 


It seemed important and relevant that the pupils were able to somehow bridge the time, differing social and political differences to engage fully with what it had ment on a personal level, beginning this war which was to kill millions. The interim show - an installation, used drawn portraits which were then covered over boxes through which a hole was cut to reveal a portrait of a soldier. A association was suggested and a link between to far flung generations.




The process of building an association or link to events, ideas and emotions from 100 years prior was further explored through the use of uniforms and that the english school system still employs such a code. The pupils were challenged to produce formal portraits depicting what it ment to belong to a 'greater body' but still register the presence of the individual. They created backdrops, considered the manner of the portrait and made a 'headdress' to reflect their ideas of belonging.


The final installation employed the use of mirror board, allowing the viewer to see themselves in direct relation to the portraits of others.


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